We specialize in handmade, butter crust slab pies using local seasonal ingredients with a twist on classic flavors. We will be at the back at the Queen Anne farmers market in June 2021 almost every week! Check the calendar below to see our schedule. For farmers market days preorder here. We can also do special orders available for pickup at Betty Restaurant. For special orders please email at least a week in advance. 


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Pie Love loves pies

At Pie Love we love all kinds of pies: pies with fresh fruit, cream or chocolate. Streusel or lattice topped pies, big and small ones...but especially slab pies! What is a slab pie you ask? A slab pie is a shallow rectangular pie baked in a sheet or jelly roll pan. While fillings are super important, slab pies focus on the delicious crust which makes it portable and easier to eat.. But most important, YUM!

s'mores slab pie

Slab Pie

“We must have a pie.

Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie.”